WIwingA member of the Wisconsin Wing’s Walworth County Composite Squadron is being recognized for a second lifesaving feat in nine years.

In February 2020, Lt. Col. Lisa Amburgey came to the aid of a woman choking in their Delvan apartment complex day room. Amburgey first executed the Heimlich maneuver, then began rescue breathing while also calling 911 at the same time, which brought local paramedics to the scene.

The Delavan Fire Department plans an award ceremony for Amburgey in the fall – recognition delayed until now because of pandemic-related restrictions.

Similarly, her fellow Walworth County squadron members recently saluted her for her four decades in Civil Air Patrol, more than two years after her four-decade anniversary in February 1980,  as well as for her lifesaving accomplishments.

Amburgey previously saved a fellow tenant’s life in February 2011, when she came to the aid of a woman choking during a Super Bowl party in their apartment building’s recreation room. After Amburgey used CPR to revive her, the woman was breathing normally when paramedics arrived.

“It’s humbling to see someone who isn’t breathing without vital signs going from death to life,” Amburgey said. “Both times I prayed to God for help and strength. The training kicked in and He provided.”

“We teach safety as part of everything we do in our squadron, from emergency services and aerospace education to serving our cadets and our community,” said the Walworth County squadron’s commander, Capt. Christopher Maritz. “We teach safety and saving lives. but Col. Amburgey has lived it.”

“Just being in her presence with all she has accomplished is awesome.”

Amburgey is the squadron’s officer for communications, for emergency services training, and for public affairs.
 2nd Lt. James McClure
Assistant Public Affairs Officer
Walworth County Composite Squadron
Wisconsin Wing