LogisticsCivil Air Patrol’s Logistics team is introducing the Vehicle Risk Management Program to train, educate, and promote awareness among CAP members about vehicle safety.

“Let’s be honest with one another. We can get complacent when it comes to operating vehicles,” said Emmanuel Manning, CAP’s vehicle fleet manager.

“This is because we do it every day,” Manning said. “We drive to work, we drive to get food and shop, we drive to visit family and friends, and we even drive to go on vacations. We drive to do so many things that we can easily forget all the risk that comes with it.”

According to government and insurance industry statistics:

  • By the end of 2022 the U.S. had more than 238 million licensed drivers and over 284 million vehicles in operation.
  • More than 6 million accidents occur yearly.
  • Vehicle accidents are one of the nation’s leading causes of deaths – more than 38,000 every year. 

“With CAP having a vehicle fleet of over 1,000 vehicles, we need to look closer at our vehicle operations to ensure we are doing our best to give our members tools to being safe while on the road,” Manning said. “Let’s do our best to alleviate CAP from becoming a part of those statistics.”

The Vehicle Risk Management Program will consist of:

  •  Drivers orientation training
  •  Drivers education training  
  •  Drivers awareness bulletins

Drivers orientation training will be mandatory for all members operating CAP-owned vehicles. This training will be conducted online in AXIS and linked to members’ operation qualifications. It’s directly related to having a CAP driver’s license.

dbullMembers will need both this training and authorization from their commander to be able to operate a CAP vehicle. This training will need to be refreshed every three years.

Driver education training will be mandatory for all transportation officers once a year, though all members will be able to take the training. It will also be conducted in AXIS and will provide answers and clarification regarding many vehicle regulations, issues, and questions.

The Drivers Awareness Bulletin is a quarterly online publication concerning vehicle safety.  Members are encouraged to participate by submitting articles regarding vehicle safety to Manning.

“The Vehicle Risk Management Program will help keep our members safe by being prepared and aware of the inherent risk that comes with driving,” Manning said. 

“This training will be outlined in the updated vehicle management regulation to be available soon.”