Cadets from Squadron 1007 participated in a weekend activity to get our squadron’s newest cadets integrated in Civil Air Patrol. This event was held by Pennsylvania Wing Group 3 and allowed cadets to interact with cadets from across southeastern Pennsylvania. The Cadet Great Start event is designed to integrate new cadets into the Civil Air Patrol environment. Through this course, cadets learned the basics of being a Civil Air Patrol member. They completed most of the requirements of their first promotion to Cadet Airman. This is the first big step in the cadet program. They learned about customs and courtesies, the Civil Air Patrol grade insignia, basic principles of aviation, teamwork, core values, as well as physical fitness. They also came away with new friends and older cadets they can reach out to if they need help. But most importantly, they came away with a fun experience to start their cadet career which will last through encampment and beyond!