• Capacity: three
  • Length: 33 feet   
  • Maximum speed: 128 mph
  • Cruise speed: 105 mph
  • Range: 650 miles
  • Service ceiling: 14,500 feet

Civil Air Patrol flew NC7471 as part of its wartime Southern Liaison Patrol, which monitored the U.S. border with Mexico to circumvent any possible enemy activity there and allow the Army to deploy men and materiel needed elsewhere.

Dawn-to-dusk patrols were flown below 500 feet above ground level from two main bases at Laredo and El Paso, Texas. Aircraft and participants came from the California Wing and Eastern and Gulf Coast coastal patrol bases.

The 1927 Boeing Model 40-A/B biplane was Boeing’s entry into the new airmail and passenger aircraft market. The Model 40-A was a large, rugged plane with room for cargo in the rear and two passengers enclosed in a “chummy” forward compartment.

The pilot was isolated in an open cockpit on the top, aft area. Powered by Pratt & Whitney’s nine-cylinder, 400-horsepower “Wasp” engine, many 40-A models were later upgraded with the newer 500-horsepower “Hornet” engine used on the 1929 four-passenger 40-B model.

NC7471 was owned by John H. Bailey of Brea, California, and was one of more than 1,000 “A” Classification private aircraft volunteered for CAP wartime use. Although its usage as nose art isn’t documented, the liaison patrol’s “Feathered Minuteman” emblem is shown on this portrait.

Maj. Ron Finger is a freelance illustrator and member of the Minnesota Wing’s Crow Wing Composite Squadron. He is an Air Force Art Program artist, where a select pool of artists are assigned “art missions” to document specific U.S. Air Force operations. 

Among his duties as Civil Air Patrol’s national artist, Finger researches and creates art that portrays our historical emergency service. A personal goal is to complete paintings documenting every aircraft type CAP has flown. 

This is the eighth painting in Finger’s second series of depictions of vintage CAP aircraft. More of Finger’s CAP artwork can be seen at redpine.net.

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