Chief Master Sgt. Robert M. Dandridge, former Civil Air Patrol command chief, has been chosen as the newest member of the organization’s Board of Governors.

“Chief Robert Dandridge brings a lifetime of selfless service to his new role as a member-at-large of the Board of Governors,” said Maj. Gen. Edward D. Phelka, national commander/CEO, who announced the selection by the CAP Senior Advisory Group

“His experience at the most senior levels of the U.S. Air Force and Civil Air Patrol, along with his involvement in national strategic initiatives, will be of great benefit as the Board of Governors and CAP leadership teams work together to shape the future of CAP,” Phelka said.

The 11-member Board of Governors consists of four Air Force appointees, three members appointed jointly by the secretary of the Air Force and CAP’s national commander, and four at-large members selected by the Senior Advisory Group, which consists of the national commander, national vice commander, national executive officer, and the organization’s eight region commanders, as well as two nonvoting members, the chief operating officer and the CAP-U.S. Air Force commander. 

Dandridge will assume his new post on the Board of Governors in November, succeeding Col. Larry Ragland, who has served on the board since 2020. 

As national command chief from March 2018-February 2022, Dandridge headed CAP’s noncommissioned officer corps, which now has about 325 members. He served as a representative of the former national commander, Maj. Gen. Mark Smith, as well as Phelka and participated in the decision-making process, as appropriate, on technical, operational, and organizational issues.

He was responsible for reviewing U.S. Air Force, CAP-USAF and CAP wing instructions and policies and providing input and recommending changes for instructions and policies affecting CAP members. 

Over the past two years, Dandridge has served as a member of CAP’s National Innovation Team.

usaflogoDandridge retired from the Air Force in 2008 as a command chief master sergeant following three decades of distinguished service, much of it abroad. He completed multiple assignments at major installations in America, Asia, Central America, Europe, and the Middle East, serving as a career adviser, environmentalist, major command inspector, and combatant command first sergeant. 

“I have developed a reputation for excellence by effectively utilizing the cutting-edge skills gained throughout my 30 years in the Air Force and nearly 20 years of additional duties leading and serving base honor guards and a joint color guard,” he said. “By example, I aim to inspire Air Force and CAP members to live by the core values of integrity first, volunteer service, excellence in all we do, and respect through actions and words. 

ILwingMOwingDandridge joined Civil Air Patrol in 2004 along with his son, then a cadet. He served as the Illinois Wing’s chief master sergeant, handling a variety of assignments, from 2012-2016, and as Missouri Wing chief master sergeant from 2016-2018. His specialty tracks include a Master rating in aerospace education and a Senior rating in the cadet program. He has also been a CAP presenter and speaker.

He said he’s looking forward to the next chapter of his CAP career — service on its top governing body.

“I am eager to join the Board of Governors,” Dandridge said. “I welcome the opportunity to contribute my skills to the success of the board as it continues to move the organization forward.”