CaptureSiriusXM and Civil Air Patrol announced Aug. 25 that CAP’s fleet is now flying with SiriusXM’s satellite-delivered Aviation Weather and Information.

CAP operates the world’s largest fleet of single-engine aircraft for search and rescue; to support other local, state and federal agencies as requested for disaster response and homeland security training; and for its own aerospace education and youth aviation initiatives.

“SiriusXM’s satellite-provided weather service is an ideal tool for Civil Air Patrol missions,” said Michael Nunemaker, CAP’s chief of safety. “It is especially valuable as a part of our strategic weather information toolset where ground-based tools may not be able to provide the weather information our pilots need to make sound safety decisions.”

“We are very pleased to be supporting Civil Air Patrol with our weather services,” said Dave Wasby, vice president and general manager of SiriusXM’s Aviation, Marine and Music for Business division. “SiriusXM is in full support of CAP’s mission, so we are delighted to provide our weather and information for their pilots’ decision-making from coast to coast and from taxi to touchdown.”

Civil Air Patrol pilots fly with SiriusXM Aviation features that include:

  • High-resolution composite radar updating every 2½ minutes.
  • 2½-minute updates for lightning strike locations: cloud-to-cloud and cloud-to-ground.
  • Meteorological and terminal aerodrome forecasts.
  • Temporary flight restrictions.

SiriusXM Aviation also has no line-of-sight restrictions, no altitude limitations, and no gaps in coverage coast-to-coast while providing weather and information from taxi to landing.

These features provided by CAP’s newest corporate partner are important to CAP, as sound decision-making is a critical key to aviation safety. SiriusXM depicts important weather data in a timely manner to help CAP enhance aviation safety.

“We are appreciative of SiriusXM’s support of Civil Air Patrol,” said Kristina Jones, CAP’s chief of philanthropy. “Our two organizations are a great fit to work together, and I know our members are appreciative to be flying with their services.”