Civil Air Patrol’s national commander/CEO, Maj. Gen. Ed Phelka, has chosen Col. Joseph Winter — provost of CAP’s Volunteer University — as chief of the organization’s education and training program and has elevated Jared Peregoy to deputy chief learning officer.

“We are excited to have Col. Winter and Mr. Peregoy assume these new roles,” said John Salvador, CAP chief operating officer. “Joe is a widely respected and accomplished leader both in CAP and the U.S. Air Force. As provost, he has steadily guided Vol U through a successful launch during the unprecedented instability of the pandemic last year.”

“Similarly, Jared has a proven track record of aligning our training programs with our strategic goals and objectives, and in his new role Jared will work closely with Col. Winter to continuously improve CAP’s overall education and training efforts,” Salvador said.

As chief of education and training, Winter will be responsible for the execution of member training opportunities in leadership, management and functional tasks.

The education and training function is managed through Volunteer University and offers opportunities to help senior members learn specific mission-related skills while preparing them for leadership opportunities. In addition, Winter will provide strategic oversight of the mentoring and specialty track program as well as the Wing Commander’s College.

Outside Civil Air Patrol, Winter is an Air Force officer, serving as commander of the 175th Force Support Squadron.

He joined CAP in 1993 as a New York Wing cadet. In the Maryland Wing he served as director of cadet programs, wing chief of staff and vice commander before being named wing commander in January 2016. He filled that position until March 2020.

“He is a leader with a demonstrated track record of success, and it is that leadership that will continue to shape our education and training efforts,” Phelka said.

Peregoy’s new role as deputy chief learning officer will align efforts to take a strategic look at CAP learning initiatives, how they tie into all CAP missions and how they can improve members’ overall experience.

Peregoy joined CAP’s National Headquarters staff in 2018 as learning design manager after eight years as an instructional designer at Auburn University. He is one of fewer than 3,000 to earn the prestigious title of Certified Professional in Talent Development.