Ninety-one scholarships totaling $155,000 have been awarded to Civil Air Patrol cadets from 32 wings and one overseas unit.

The total includes 63 academic scholarships worth $123,500 and 28 flight scholarships worth $31,500.

Cadets in the Southeast Region accounted for the highest numbers of scholarships, 19.  Among wings, New Jersey Wing cadets topped the field with eight.

The recipients were chosen from 1,698 applicants – 89.5% over the previous year. In all, 984 applied for academic and flying scholarships.

Applicants for academic scholarships totaled 604, with 177 ranked as highly qualified. That’s a 45% increase from fiscal 2022. Highly qualified means the applicant had a 3.87 or higher GPA and an SAT score of at least 1311 and/or an ACT score of 28 or above. 

Of the 758 flight scholarship applicants, 227 have piloting experience equivalent to the CAP pre-solo badge or more.

Applicants for the Youth Aviation Initiative, Cadet Wings, Cadet Lift, and Take-off programs numbered 1,467.