NHQcadet programsCivil Air Patrol Cadet Programs has been recognized with the American Legion’s National Educational Award – an honor bestowed after an American Legion Auxiliary member shared her praise of her grandson’s experiences as a Virginia Wing cadet.

Brig. Gen. Regena Aye accepted the award at the Legion’s National Convention in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Sallie Rossman, 2022-2023 national education chair of the American Legion Auxiliary, nominated Cadet Programs for the award.

American_Legion_Seal_SVG.svg“The CAP cadet program provides the ideals of Americanism in our youth that cannot often be obtained elsewhere,” she said.

“The program instills leadership, integrity, training, and stability in the country’s youth so that they may believe in service over self,” said Rossman, citing the impact on her grandson, Cadet Capt. Robert Lee Rossman IV.

Robert Rossman joined the Virginia Wing’s Danville Composite Squadron in January 2021, shortlyVAdanville after he turned 12. His experiences since then have allowed him “to grow as an individual who comprehends the values of civic responsibility and leadership,” his grandmother said.

“These are qualities that the citizens and leaders of our country will require to sustain our country,” she said.

“Cadets expand their knowledge of teamwork to achieve a greater goal, often for the benefit of the community.”